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Exam One Class Material Perspectives on Sex Describe Western societies’ attitudes towards sex from Biblical times to contemporary times: Judaic and Christian Traditions Hebraic Tradition: - Sex within marriage was believed to be more than a reproductive necessity. - To “know” a partner sexually, within marriage, was recognized in the Bible and by tradition as a profound physical and emotional experience. - The Song of Songs in the Bible contains sensuous love poetry. - The ancient Hebrews stressed the importance of childbearing and had an appreciation of sexuality within marriage. Christian Tradition: - Associated spirituality with sexual abstinence and saw celibacy the state of being unmarried and therefore abstaining from sexual intercourse, as superior to marriage - Sex: essential for reproduction, but religiously denigrated act. - Sex as sinful (persisted throughout the Middle Ages) - Bishop Augustine formalized the notion that intercourse could take place only within marriage for the purpose of procreation. o Female subordination was intrinsic to God’s creation, lead to the idea that any intercourse position other than the man on top was “unnatural” - Aquinas : human sexual organs were designed for procreation, any other use- as in homosexual acts, oral-genital sex, anal intercourse, or sex w/ animals- was against God’s will, heretical, and a “crime against nature”. Eve versus Mary : (Middle Ages) - The practice of courtly love, reflected compatible image of woman as pure and above reproach. -View of Mary: unattainable gracious, compassionate protector and exalted focus of religious devotion. -View of Eve:
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SexExam1 - Exam One Class Material Perspectives on Sex...

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