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Midterm #2: Review Sheet- Rhetorical Foundations TECHNE : Rhetoric is seen as a product, natural process, and a techne (art). In certain cultures the natural rhetoric process becomes a techne (ART). It produces something or yields a product. Technai yields a tangible thing or a performance. Aristotle taught that rhetoric was a practical art; it was a praxis (mode of action) that had consequences in the world. Rhetoricians modes of analyzing a topic and of constructing actual discourse formed a techne that could be described and taught. Rhetorical thinking involved its power (dynamics) as a social practice first and then its method as an art. Ex. athletes/artists/musicians. - Marked by principals , rules of thumb, or can be learned - Those principals tend to lead to success - An art is something that can be learned overtime. PRAXIS : Rhetoric as a social practice. –It has ethics (way of being with and treating other people and of cultivating the self). –It has
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Rhetor.Found.Midterm#2 - Midterm #2: Review Sheet-...

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