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Student Internet McD - the decontextualized nature of...

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Outline for “How Will the Internet Change Society?” and “The McDonaldization of Society” How Will the Internet Change Society?: type of information gap that is typical during periods of rapid social change the internet and the printing press – how these inventions changed society – how the digital revolution differs from previous technological revolutions – virtual communities the downside of text-based communication generation ‘lap’ (yes; it’s “lap” not “gap”) why college students today watch less TV than their parents did relationship between poverty and access to technology impact of technology on the globalization of culture
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Unformatted text preview: the decontextualized nature of internet communication dangers posed by heavy internet use The McDonaldization of Society: McDonaldization of society its five main characteristics The best way to achieve a goal = the rational way Negative consequence of living in a rational social system The danger of excessive focus on efficiency types of businesses that strive to put out predictable product societys emphasis on quantity over quality impact of this on college students the biggest source of uncertainty in everyday social life examples of the dehumanized nature of everyday life...
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Student Internet McD - the decontextualized nature of...

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