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Page 1 of 3 Outline for “Sustainability amid Globalization” Global trends that increase demands on ecosystems: Sustainability/ sustainable development (defined): Three pillars of sustainability: Riccardian Specialization: Impact of this specialization on developing nations: Environmental justice: Examples of apparent environmental INjustice:
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Page 2 of 3 Two categories of Solutions to these environmental problems: Suburbia/ Transportation: Problem Solution How this concept constitutes a solution: Fundamental tension inherent in the concept of sustainability:
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Unformatted text preview: Voter apathy an issue: Three principle water sources for Phoenix Metro Area: Phoenix’s annual rainfall: Daily water use, per capita: Page 3 of 3 Expected population growth, 2000 – 2030: Partnership between water and energy, as relates to population growth: What such population growth requires us to do NOW: Climatologists’ and water managers’ predictions about the future climate of this region: Solutions to water problem: • “paper water” – Predictions by those in the know about the availability of water in the future:...
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student.sustainability - Voter apathy an issue: Three...

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