CLASSICS 1140 - Romulus first one to set up senate(100...

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CLASSICS 1140: The Greatness of Rome: - Latin root for many languages - Plautus most famous play writer - Romans create bricks and mortar - We owe our calendar to the Romans (months) - Innovative in Roads - Almost entire legal system from Romans Sources for ancient civilizations: Art, clothes, languages, religion, consumption, food, literature, inscriptions, coins Founding and Monarchy: A. Mythology Mythology Amulius murders Numitors sons, but doesn’t want to kill his daughter Rhea Silvia; makes her a vestal virgin (she can’t have any children no heir) Mars (God) slept with R.S., she becomes pregnant with Romulus and Remus Amulius throws R.S. into Tiber and puts R&R into basket, where they are found and raised by a she- wolf(legend) Amulius is killed and Numitor restored to power and Romulus and Remus are given land, land around today’s Rome First Romans were called Latinies in the area of Latium (Italy) B. The Monarchy Romulus (753-715) founder and first king of Rome, Rome built on seven hills
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Unformatted text preview: Romulus first one to set up senate (100 Latin men and 100 Sabines) Numa Pompilius (715-673) reformed calendar, brought it up to 12 months Tullus Hostilius (673-642): war and expansion: Sabine war, conquered Alba Longa Ancus Marcius (642-617): little expansion; defensive wars; first bridge across Tiber; first aqueduct Tarquinius Priscus (617-579): 1st king of Etruscan birth; adopted son of Ancus Marcius; added 100 Etruscan members to senate (now 300); architectural innovation: Cloaca Maxima; Circus Maximus Servius Tullius (579-535) Etruscan birth; son-in-law of T.P.; "Servian wall": outline (6th c?); remains date to late Republic; City of Rome ~ 35K inhabitants Tarquinius Superbus (534-510): despotic; unpopular; Sextus Tarquinius (son) rapes Lucretia, wife of L. Tarquinius Collatinus; Lucius Junius Brutus summons senate, expels Tarqinius S., monarchy dissolves...
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CLASSICS 1140 - Romulus first one to set up senate(100...

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