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1st CSCI EXAM - window.setCoords(0-32000,999,32000 for col...

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1 st CSCI EXAM: Things to know: Read WAV files: song=readwave(“name.wav”).getLeft() song=list(readwave(“name.wav”).getLeft() for i in range(10): print song[i] Read txt files: noteFileName=raw_input(“What files are the ___ in?” ) noteFile=open(noteFileName, ‘r’) for line in notefile: print line noteFile.close() Make a sound louder or softer: softerSong=[.5*e for e in song] for i in range(10): print softerSong[i] softerSong= < 1 louderSong= >1 Play two sounds together: newSong=[sound1[i] +sound2[i] for i in range(len(sound1))] Play one sound after another: newSong=sound1+sound2 Make Silence: secondOfSilence=int(1*44100)*[0] Plot points: window=Graphwin(“Sound Visualizer”,1000,500)
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Unformatted text preview: window.setCoords(0,-32000,999,32000) for col in range(1000): index=int((col/999.0)*(len(sound)-1)) Point(col,sound[index]).draw(window) x1=window.getMouse().getx() x2=window.getMouse().getx() Check for letters in a file: for line in file: for letter in line: if letter==”C”: freq=261.63 elif letter==”D”: freq=293.66 else:freq=0 for line in file: if line[0]==”X” print “found X” Accumulate a song from separate tones: LENGTH=0.5 chord=int(LENGTH*44100)*[0] tone=[10000*sin(i*freq*2*pi/44100) for i in range(int(LENGTH*44100))] chord=[chord[i]+tone[i] for i in range(int(LENGTH*44100))] song=song+chord...
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