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Chapter 1 Essay - Rojek James Although we do not learn much...

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Unformatted text preview: Rojek, James Although we do not learn much of Afonso's history or upbringing from the text, it is obvious that he and Las Casas had very different upbringings. Alfonso was the leader of a small militia group that planned on attacking and controlling Melaka. This was a key geographical location as far as sea routes were concerned. It was near a very small ocean passageway that was needed for all ships as they passed through Indonesia or the East Indies. Alfonso used the death of his fellow comrades and the pursuit of sharing Christianity to promote this attack but it is obvious by his actions that he had different motivations already in mind. We see Alfonso take the city and control it hoping to cut off the passageway for spice trades for Arab nations. This was his true intent all along. We see in the text that although Alfonso was using Christian pursuits as his poster child, he took very little interest in the neighboring land or people. It was laid out that they were to have as little took very little interest in the neighboring land or people....
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