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James Rojek Mehmet II of the Ottoman Turks was a verbally abused and embarrassed child. He was the son of a slave girl while his half brothers were sons of more cultured women. He was not given any sort of education and therefore considered to be less important that his older brothers. This coupled with the fact that he was the youngest put him into a situation where he felt he had something to prove. We can see this in his actions. At a very young age (around 16) we see Mehmet taking out members of his own family to help pave the way for his own arrival. His brothers Ahmet and Ali were both found dead, in 1439 and 1444, under unusual and mysterious circumstances where Mehmet seems to have played a role. We then see Mehmet's father step in and further the young boy's education now that he is the legal heir to the throne. It is written that Mehmet knew almost five languages fluently. After having a good education and knowing small amounts of politics, Mehmet attempts to take the throne many times
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