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Confuciusism focuses on similar principles that I believe everyone inside already possesses. I think that it points out that although these principles are understood, they are not always obeyed. It is one thing to know and understand something, it is another to obey it fully and daily. Some core principles laid out by him would be inner responsibility, community focused service, continual growth of mind and spirit, and a “common sense” care for others. We see him promote schooling and education, society and laws, and economics and money. He touches on very down to earth subjects that every human being living during that time can appreciate and understand easily. He also talks about doctrine, right and wrong, peace, and neighborhood harmony. Here he touches on aspects that are farther from comprehension and closer to theory and idealism. He touches on both to come up with a healthy mix of easily attainable goals and goals that will be chased until the end of time.
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