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Chapter 26 Essay - Although the revolution in Hungary in...

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Although the revolution in Hungary in 1956 and the Tienanmen Square incident are similar, they also contain many differences. As a first point, both incidents took place because the people wanted a change with government and felt that they did not have proper control. Both countries (Hungary and China) suffered from control by communism. The Hungarians were suffering from Soviet oppression and were being controlled by the Soviet Union rather than governing themselves. The Chinese, however, were suffering from oppression by their own people. It is understood that the Hungary Revolution of 1956 was mainly compiled of students from the local law colleges and universities. These were obviously well off and well educated teens and young adults who felt they understood the law well enough to try and change it. They marched to parliament and stood outside demanding changes. After getting no response from their oppressive government they began changing the look of their cities. They began removing and tearing any form of communism propaganda down and any
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