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social project - for those of us who expect to receive...

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Vitorino Castro Social Problems Due: Feb. 7 th 2008 Social Problems Assignment (Poverty) Living in a country where those of need, are funded and helped by the Welfare system, no one who’s been sheltered in America can really say they have known or experienced poverty. Poverty is “the state of not having enough money to take care of basic needs such as food, clothing, and housing” (Encarta World English Dictionary). The reason poverty is such a social problem is because of the outcomes that follow. These include: starvation, overcrowding, expanding populations, little clothing, malnutrition and disease. Those are just a few things that are caused by poverty. Poverty also can lead one to steal and live a life of crime. This is definitely a social problem because it causes our country to suffer as a whole. It can become a big problem
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Unformatted text preview: for those of us who expect to receive social security when we are older because the government takes from our checks to help the unemployed. This causes the government and taxpayers extra money to help maintain those who are unemployed. Third world countries are usually those with severe poverty. These countries include India, South America, Southeast Asia, and Africa. Even parts o Australia include places with severe poverty. Some people that experience poverty include the homeless, the unemployed, single parents, street children and those who are born into a life of poverty. Many of those who experience poverty live on the outskirts of popular cities. The two most talked about countries where poverty is extremely high would have be India, and Africa. There are many sources...
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