Social Problems - or persuade the public set the agenda the...

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27/03/2008 18:41:00 Public Opinion Second Amendment How do we asses public response? *Questionnaires, Surveys When need to quickly and/or easily get lots of information from people in a non threatening way. **Interviews -When want to fully understand someone’s impressions or experiences, or learn more about their answers to questionnaires. ***Focus groups -Explores topics in depth through group discussions, about reactions to an experience or suggestion, understanding common complaints, etc.; useful in evaluation and marketing. The largest uncertainty In the social problems process is public reaction. Although as we have seen in the media tries to influence the public
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Unformatted text preview: or persuade the public, set the agenda, the public does not always react in the precedent matter. ← ← The section on the media made it seem pretty straightforward ← Claimsmaking media public reaction Public policy ← ← Think about how we poll, wording of a question. ← Many polls ask questions that are worded in a way to get people to agree to the pollsters point of view ← Many questions are simply worded poorly, double negatives, double-barreled questions, forced-choices, etc. ← ← Many questions use words to prime ← ← Life is complex, questions on surveys are usually not. ← Respondents usually know the right answer ← ← Priming-...
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Social Problems - or persuade the public set the agenda the...

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