Fat Tax - Fat Tax Thousands of Americans die each year...

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Fat Tax Thousands of Americans die each year through diseases and disorders that are directly linked to Obesity. Obesity has become a serious problem in America, and ranges from adults to children. Although more gyms and fitness centers are opening in America now more than ever before, obesity is still a major problem. Another leading problem linked with death is smoking. The government puts a tax on cigarettes because of its harm to smokers and others around them. They put this tax on cigarettes to hopefully turn people away from cigarettes because of the higher price. If the government does this on cigarettes because they are so bad for people they should also do it on fatty, low nutrition food, or "junk food". There should be a "fat tax" imposed on high fat, low nutrition foods. A tax put on high fat, low nutrition, less healthy foods, would cause more local bio products to be purchased and the countries farms and agricultural economy would rise. The boost in the farming and agricultural economy would directly effect the countries GDP. With a higher GDP the nation's currency becomes more valuable keeping inflation from skyrocketing. According to David Zinczenko, the author of Food Fight! an article in Men's Health Magazine, A general rule of thumb is the cheaper the cost of a product , the less healthy it is for you. But what if, say, a
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