Minimum Wage

Minimum Wage - Minimum Wage Minimum Wage has been around...

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Minimum Wage Minimum Wage has been around ever since 1933 when the federal government tried to alleviate the economic hardship caused by the depression. Since then minimum wage has been in effect all over the nation. It has kept employers from paying their employees too little for an hour's wage. With minimum wage being around for so long one may believe that it must work and positively affect our economy. When an immigrant comes to America and can barley speak English how are they going to know if they are being cheated for the work that they are doing. Minimum wage has both beneficial and negative effects on today's economy. Minimum Wage was created in 1933 so the poorest workers could have a chance at a decent living. Since that time 74 years ago minimum wage has helped everyone in America have a chance to provide for their families and make a decent living. According to Jeff Chapman, who wrote the article The Who and Why of Minimum Wage, "The minimum wage is not just about helping the impoverished. It is about fairness, the value of work and the opportunities that work provides." What Chapman is saying is minimum wage provides fairness to those under skilled workers who don't have the skills to obtain a job at the higher paying level. Employers hold the advantage because they hold the higher hand in the wage bargain. That's why monopoly laws are in place saying someone may not be the only producer of a good because they
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Minimum Wage - Minimum Wage Minimum Wage has been around...

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