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Comparative Politics: How Bush perceives victory in Iraq Get rid of AQ Remove WMD Democratization to remove any risk of terrorist attack on United States Democratic Nations do not have serious conflicts among and between each other Pakistan is believed to be nation with most terrorists Pakistan is not an active threat; Iran’s threat is an active threat. North Korea Jimmy Carter=peaceful/civil relations with North Korea under Clinton Then Bush calls North Korea “axis of evil” and calls KJU ruthless and brutal leader North Korea wants a peace treaty, but Bush refuses to sign KJY orders massive underground government structure to protect from US Every condition North Korea requested was denied by Bush and US Rigid relationship Pakistan Osama Bin Laden declared war on Pakistan President losing support because of two factions: Taliban and AlQaeda supporters and the democratic party the left and right are attacking him Attempted to fire supreme court justice Lots of uprising as a direct threat
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Unformatted text preview: • Someone filed a suit against president because he doesn’t have a right to be both head of military and of country • President imposed Marshall Law, military dictatorship • Pakistani army is in shambles; they cannot handle regular military functions • We are for the Pakistan President, we are backing him: enemy of enemy is friend • Democratization of Parkistan Great Britain • Measured by the standards of duration, absence of violence commotion and matience of law and order, general contentment and prosperity of the people and influence on other institutions and political thought, nor were these merits lost upon the government • Typical Englishman believes his government is best in the world • Locke’s Two treaties on government section 222 of book 2: how government should be run. Plagerized by Thomas Jefferson except he substituted pursuit of happiness in place of property • The Legislarive: entirety of government...
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