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-1 Cultural Interaction 2 Introduction: The movie “Lord of War” was released in 2005. It was a dramatic movie with bits of comedy mixed in. Nicolas Cage is the star of this movie playing the soulless character of Yiri Orlov. Orlov is an arms dealer who travels all around the world dealing arms to mostly third world countries, although he does sell some tanks and other heavy artillery to larger countries. He is unconcerned with morality, and concerned only with personal monetary gain, not thinking twice about what is actually being caused by his actions. Throughout the movie Yiri is a heartless bastard slinging weapons to dictators and others who use these killing machines of technology to destroy lives, until his brother falls victim. Orlov then briefly halts his arms dealing before getting lured back again because of the money involved. Technology present in the film: The Technology that is presented throughout this film are weapons of all sorts including guns, tanks, helicopters, and grenades. Orlov deals all of these hell technologies at one point or another in the film, but both his customers and himself are mainly
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concerned with guns, and mostly the fully automatic AK-47 assault Cultural Interaction 3 riffle. In the beginning of the movie, Yiri states in detail how the AK-47 is the most reliable automatic weapon in the world, and basically sings it’s praises.
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