Essay 3 outline-politics test#2

Essay 3 outline-politics test#2 - also take form of...

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Essay 3 outline: Ideal Masculinity Linkages between homophobia and ideal masculinity According to Pharr sexism is kept in place by three powerful weapons one is homophobia and argues that homophobia enforces heterosexuality and the patriarchal family. Kimmel says manhood is socially constructed; society makes men out to be these aggressive, tough, strong, and most importantly heterosexual beings and if you are no those things then you are not a man Kaufman says that violence against other men is a tough guise; violence against gay men by straight men is merely done to make themselves look and feel more manly Gender based violence- violence against women and girls regardless of class, ethnicity, culture or country.(Sapiro) Examples of gender based violence: rape, sexual abuse, harassment in schools and workplace, forced prostitution, domestic violence, but may
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Unformatted text preview: also take form of psychological or economic abuse. It is encouraged through popular media; our movies, TV shows, and music videos show men acting violently towards women and suddenly it becomes ok. Ideal masculinity and hate crimes, killings, and terrorism(I’m not sure how accurate this answer is so you might want to look at it and make sure I understood it) ➢ In one of the videos it talked about how when school killings are talked about on the news they say “4 kids were involved in a school shooting today” instead of “4 boys were involved”- masculinity becomes a privilege ➢ Male entitlement-when men receive certain benefits because of their gender; kind of goes hand in hand with sexual right-of-way...
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Essay 3 outline-politics test#2 - also take form of...

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