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bisc2 notes - Met codon(mRNA) =AUG Anti-codon=UAC Some have...

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Met codon(mRNA) =AUG Anti-codon=UAC Some have two codons and only need on Trna to read the codons Trp(cyto)=mRNA codon UGG Anticodon tRNA=ACC Trp(mito)-mRNA UGA Anticodon=tRNA CCU Ile. mRNA codons AUA-AUC-AUU anticodon tRNA-UAI-UAA enzyme deamine whenever there is an A it can now read 3 instead of one codon. Heme gene and the beta gene are both needed to make hemoglobin. Binds with iron and sits in the pocket. Oxygen is bonded to that iron and changes from blue to red. Sickle cell mutation you don’t experience problems because the beta chain is not being used but once you are born you are dependent on you beta chain. Why does the gamma chain shut down and the beta chain goes on because it has beneficial properties. Once the baby is disconnected from the mother then it is needs the beta chain because it is a better way to efficient oxygen to the blood There is asymmetry in the building of the egg because it allow more cytoplasm Once the egg is fertilize it can divide and divide Gastula is this hollow thing that starts to vaginating Petruskas office hours 11-12 M, Tu, Th, F RRI 121 sem. Room RRI 119b Once one firm attaches the other no longer to fertilize Once it implants itself then it can extract nutrients from the mother Oxygen has to be transports from the mothers bloodstream to the baby’s bloodstream There are three different layers in the embryo The umbilical cord is attached to the anus In between there is a cell mass that contains nutrients like fat molecules. The amniotic sac is what makes the outer sack Indifference stage-have very simple structure and the beginning of the gametes Sry gene is for the transcription factor and binds to DNA to turn on the gene for the reproductive pathways
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bisc2 notes - Met codon(mRNA) =AUG Anti-codon=UAC Some have...

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