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James Hanna HIST. 1038-001 Spring 2007 – Dr. Barbosa Final Paper / Topic #1 The Argentine experience with Peronism provides a comprehensive example for all other populist movements that occurred throughout Latin America. Through its process of industrialization, its adopted populist reforms, and the eventual downfall of the Peron regime, one common theme is proven. It shows that though populism is initially highly promising, in the long term it becomes both ineffectual for, and even potentially detrimental to, the people who it was meant to serve most. The populist movement in Argentina grew much the same way it did, and would grow in numerous other Latin American countries. As the country quickly became industrialized through a booming export oriented economy, rural areas also began to empty out as cities swelled with new a new population of workers. The majority of his newly urbanized society quickly became both dependant upon, and repressed by the factories that defined it though. Working conditions were harsh, pay was bad, and the only people truly profiting from the fruits of the lower class labor was the elite and their foreign investors. So it wasn’t long before these newly developed groups of urban
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latinamhistfinal - James Hanna HIST. 1038-001 Spring 2007...

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