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1. The Value of Information is determined by: the list is not going to be on the test a. What can that information tell you, it can give you a competitive advantage. b. Core movie watching audience is 16-24 so need input from that age c. Concept test- run things by an audience 2. market information a. provides information to the customer that can help then buy Focus group False positives-they would do something that they wouldn’t really do in real life Convient sample-people they have easy access too. Probability sample-random people Some people do use the non-probability sample and it might be ok Marketing research challenges- 1)question is beyond the respondents base of knowledge- they only know so much
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Unformatted text preview: 2) Question is too sensitive a topic-sometimes the questions can be too personal 3) They sometimes don’t even know why they behave a certain way. Creative market research 1)keeping a journal-what they wore and what they did each day 2) interpretation of Vague images- give you a stimulus and just wait for a response. Reminds you of something 3) look at a picture and tell a story-listening for is how they describe that last frame 4) Fill in cartoon balloons 5) complete the sentence-let the person respond and see what they respond....
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