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Douglas J - When I read this article I felt that I could...

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Unformatted text preview: When I read this article I felt that I could relate very well with every thing that the owner stated. This owner was very much so lucky. She was given the salon and everything that was in it by the previous owner, which I am sure helped her become succesful much quicker. The way that the owner runs things is much how I would do things. By reading this article I could tell that she truly cares about her clients looks and personally to me that is very important because I think that if you truly care about each guests, they can tell and will want to come back to you. This is where the word of mouth comes in play. I know that you can get business by this because since I have been on the floor I have already had a few guest come to me and say that they love the highlights that I have done and decided to come to me and get them done, so I know what this owner means about...
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