MCO 120 study guide for test 2

MCO 120 study guide - M CO1 2 0 M a s s Me d i a S oci e t y S p r i n g 2 0 0 8 Dr M a r y Lou Ga l i ci a n STUDY GUIDE FOR EXAM#2 TUESDAY 1:40

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STUDY GUIDE FOR EXAM #2 TUESDAY, March 25, 2008 — 1:40 P.M. SHARP* Chapters 4, 5, 6, 13, 14, and 15 of textbook and all related materials 50 items (2 points each) — 50 minutes What is "prior restraint”? How is it different from regular censorship? Prior restraint – A judicial order that stops a media organization from publishing or broadcasting a story or image What was the result of the Zenger case – and how did this impact U.S. journalism? The Zenger decision helped clarify the beliefs of early Colonial life and lay the groundwork for the responsibilities of both media and government in a functioning democracy. *Truth is defence against Libel* Where is press freedom guaranteed? Is this freedom “absolute”—or can there be (and have there been) restrictions on this freedom or abridgements of it and exceptions? If so, what are some of these? Not absolute – Alien and Sedition acts, espionage act, smith act, patriot act, libel, invasion of privacy, publication of military secrets, and obscenity. Who or what is the ultimate interpreter of the First Amendment? Courts. Has the Supreme Court established a precise and simple definition of obscenity? *Near case* Set by community standards, taken as a whole, and must appeal to ‘prurient interest’ (morbid or perverted) – Sexually explicit material that is legally prohibited from being published. What is libel? Libel - A published statement that unjustifiably exposes some one to ridicule or contempt – must satisfy 3 elements of defamation, identification, and publication. Defamation – is to damage a person’s reputation in some way. Identification – no person can sue for libel unless the defamation can be proved to apply to him or her. Publication – to be liebelous, the statement must be published or broadcast and seen by someone other than the author and the person who was defamed. What are the four types of invasion of privacy? Intrusion – invasion of privacy by physical trespass into a space surrounding a person’s body or onto property under his or her control. Embarrassment – county fair – upskirt False Light – Invasion of privacy in which a journalist publishes untrue statements that alter a person’s public image in a way that he or she cannot control. Misappropriation – Invasion of privacy by using a person’s name or image for commercial purposes without his or her permission. What are the major defenses of the media when charged with libel and with invasion of privacy? The defense of truth.
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MCO 120: MASS MEDIA & SOCIETY • SPRING 2008 EXAM #2 STUDY GUIDE • PAGE 2 The defense of privilage. Statement of opinion.
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MCO 120 study guide - M CO1 2 0 M a s s Me d i a S oci e t y S p r i n g 2 0 0 8 Dr M a r y Lou Ga l i ci a n STUDY GUIDE FOR EXAM#2 TUESDAY 1:40

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