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Are Prozac and Similar Antidepressants Safe and Effective? 2. At present, pharmaceutical companies are concerned mainly with making a profit. While tests on drugs are being done, they are not lasting more than a few months, when severe side effects may become apparent after a patient has been on an SSRI for years. The problem with drugs such as Prozac is that, when they seem to help make people feel better, there is a large campaign for them almost immediately. As the author described, flashy advertisements and testimonials by the rich and famous can make anyone believe that a miracle drug has been discovered. When problems do begin to occur, pharmaceutical companies deny the claims. While it is true that it may take 20 years for the research to determine long-term side effects, pharmaceutical companies should advise caution when hearing stories of side effects. Not only are the drug companies giving invalid information about side effects, but they are also no informing the public of exactly how these “miracle drugs” work. The problem also lies in the FDA, who only assures drugs with short-term safety. As stated in the article, “long-term monitoring is virtually nonexistent” (p. 189). Not only that, but barely any (1%) of side effects are even reported to the FDA. This is also a problem with congress, who sets the budget for the FDA, and who is also under pressure from pharmaceutical companies to weaken testing and monitoring of prescription drugs. $4 billion has been spent annually on these drugs, and now they are being directed at children, who are a target “market”. The fact that prescription drugs are being pushed on a population with which it will have no effect
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ec - Are Prozac and Similar Antidepressants Safe and...

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