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Global Governance Notes - 3/10 Global Governance Many...

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3/10 Global Governance Many problems today defy single-state solutions Climate Change Pollution Human rights Global market regulation These require governance beyond the level of the state This creates many problems The usual collective action problems apply Unitary Actor Models States as "unitary actors" - the states are the players that must cooperate This is simple, but focus is on states as if they are all the same type Thus, will calculate the "national interest" in the same way This tends to ignore domestic politics The logic usually leads to amoral concept of intl. politics Turbulence Models All actors are in play Multilevel analysis of politics These models are in incredibly complex They provide more detail At cost of being much more complex They allow domestic politics to play a major role Ideas can play a more powerful role Focus on complex interactions of the various actors Anarchy The international system is characterized by anarchy - no legit government Ultimately there is no entity that has a monopoly on the legitimate use of force to make actors play by the rules No entity can enforce the rules on all players using the means that ultimately
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Global Governance Notes - 3/10 Global Governance Many...

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