Week 5 - 2nd & 3rd wave globalization

Week 5 - 2nd & 3rd wave globalization - Feb 13 The...

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Feb 13 The Inter-war Period T The end of WW1 leads to a period of intellectual turmoil This is reflected in all aspects of society This leads to a wide range of new ideas that permeate the world This will build an intellectual foundation for the various responses to the great depression The League of Nations First attempt to institutionalize global governance Formal organization tasked with providing collective security The League will punish aggressive states The world community will collectively deter aggression to prevent future wars The problem is that the US does not join The other great powers lack the will to back their rhetoric with action The Great Depression Begins with a liquidity crisis in the US Spreads to drag the whole world into economic crisis The USSR is the only major power not affected A major competition in economic, social, and political ideas takes place This leads to the emergence of three major competing models: Fascism (Germany, Italy, Spain, etc.) Communism (USSR) Social Democracy (US, UK, France, etc.) government intervention into economics The Coming of WW2 The inter-war system collapse The league of nations fails japan invades China j Italy invades Ethiopia Japan, Germany, and Italy challenge the post WW1 order
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Week 5 - 2nd & 3rd wave globalization - Feb 13 The...

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