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Labors of Herakles

Labors of Herakles - 3/7 The Labors of Herakles First 6...

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3/7 The Labors of Herakles First 6 thought to happen in peloponisia 1 Nemean Lion 2 Lernaean Hydra 3 Cerynitian Hind 4 Erymanthian Boar 5 Augeian Stables 6 Stymphalian Birds 7. Cretan Bull 8. Diomedes’ Mares 9. Hippolyte’s Girdle 10. Cattle of Geryon 11. Apples of the Hesperides 12. Cerberus The Glory of Hera (Meaning of Herakles) Odd because Hera doesnt like Hecules Hercules is the Child of Alcmene and Zeus; Iphicles is the other son of Alcmene and Amphitryon Amphityon and Alcmene are uncertain about whose child is whose Threatened infancy Snakes put into crib, Hercules strangles them Shows that he is the son of Zeus Education of Herakles, murder of Linos Autolykos teaches Hecules the art of wrestling Linos tries to teach to play a lyre Linos slaps him across the face Hercules kills him with the lyre Herdsman, lion of Cithairon, daughters of Thespios Must kill the lion The skin from the lion becomes part of his Gear Thespios sends each of his 50 daughters to sleep with Hercules He sleeps with them all, possibly in the same night The Minyan tribute collectors Thebes defeated in war War tax to be collected, Hercules sees the Minyans Hercules gives them a "tribute" Cuts off ears, nose, and hands, and creates a necklace
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