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Linguistic Homework 3 Zhe Chen Discussio n 1 Q 1. Chimpanzees cannot talk, not least because their larynx - as in all other mammals except us - is high in the throat and serves as a valve to stop water running down their windpipes as they drink. Only humans have a larynx slung low, where it can resonate, to produce something more than a grunt. The vocal apparatus of other mammals such as chimpanzees are not designed for speech and which they can not voluntarily control. And the repositioning of the human larynx that occurs during infancy--a key morphological
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Unformatted text preview: prerequisite to speech--is particular to our kind. The sounds of all the languages of the world together constitute a class of sounds that the human vocal tract is designed to make. 2. 6. b) low front vowel [æ] a pple c) lateral liquid [l] l iquid d) velar nasal [ ] s ɧ ing e) voiced inter-dental fricative [ð] th ough f) voiceless affricate [ ] tea ʧ ch er g) palatal glide [j] y ou...
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