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Zhe Chen Ling 1 Discussion 1R Prescriptive grammar is a stylistic rule of language use. It what you should say, but not what you say. A prescriptive grammar of English can be “don’t use double negative.” However, a violation of this rule works fine in other languages. For example, it’s okay to “I did not do nothing.” in French language. A prescriptive grammar rule works in one language, but it may not work in another language. There many different kinds of language and dialect. Every kind of them can express freely, equally and creative. They are all complex. All the languages are logical and understandable. Prescriptive grammar imposes rules of grammar and syntax on how you should speak not “talk”. Prescriptive grammar applies strictly in writing, but not in talking. Language is produced in order for people to communicate. So that’s the reason why prescriptive grammar is not really the grammar of language. With or without the prescriptive grammar rule, people are still able to understand each other. Practice 8
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