psych_0307 - Positive Symptoms Disordered thinking =...

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Positive Symptoms Disordered thinking = deficits in attention, difficult in switching rules and routines. Positive symptoms are behavior that re notable because of their presence (hallucinations and delusion) Negative symptoms are behaviors that are notable because of their absence Four types of schizophrenia Undifferentiated o Deterioration of daily functioning o Hallucinations o Delusions or thought disorders o Inappropriate emotions o None of the symptoms is unusually pronounced or bizarre Catatonic o Distinguished by prominent movement disorder, including either: o Rigid inactivity o Excessive activity o The person is aware of surroundings, but the nature of the individual’s posture or movement has no relationship to the outside world Disorganized o Incoherent speech o Extreme lack of social relationships o Silly or odd behavior Paranoid
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o Relatively easier to therapy o Elaborate hallucinations and delusions o The delusions have pronounced themes of persecution and grandeur
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psych_0307 - Positive Symptoms Disordered thinking =...

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