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Linguistic Homework 2 Zhe Chen Discussion 1Q 7) No. A wolf would not have a language similar to human because they do not equip with the ability of word order language acquisition. First, Human language is very creative. It can combine basic linguistic units to form an infinite set of well-formed grammatical sentences. Also, it can create new words and sentences over time. However, animal languages cannot. Whatever the signal means, it is fixed. Only one meaning can be conveyed. Second, Human communicates over many different subjects, such as weather, career, and entertainment. In contrast, animal communication is confined to single subject – food source, and do not sign to each other. Third, animals do not have a sense of past or future
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Unformatted text preview: events. Therefore, there is a big different between animal language and linguistic creative ability of human. 8) No. I would not be able to teach it language because human language is innate. It is determined by the biological structure. For example, a dog has a better sense of smell than human; a cat can climb a tree easily than human. There is evidences show that animals show little spontaneity, little syntactic structure, and they can learn human language by highly imitating. When birds vocally imitate human languages, they words carry no meaning....
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