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Linguistic HW 4 Zhe Chen Sectoio n 1Q 1) Page 108, 4. a. Terroriz ed : bound root, inflectional suffix b. Un civil ized: free root, derivational infix c. Terrori ze : bound root, derivational suffix d. Luke warm: bound root, derivational prefix e. Im possible: bound root, derivational prefix 2) He means that learning words is much different from learning scientific laws. Kids effortlessly pick up words much faster than other things. Words are learned by combining morphemes. Putting them together can make a new word and even a sentence. Children can better acquiring new words by building on the first word. Early words may force changes, like the naming
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Unformatted text preview: insight, or reorganize conceptual structures. Acceleration is guaranteed in any system in which words are acquired in parallel. The system builds representations for multiple words simultaneously. Second, the difficulty of learning words is distributed such that there are few words that can be acquired quickly and a greater number that take longer. This distribution of difficulty derives from many factors, including frequency, phonology, syntax, the child's capabilities, and the contexts where words appear. The vocabulary explosion is a by-product of parallel learning and variation in the time to learn words....
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