Psych Reading Notes Chapter 9

Psych Reading Notes Chapter 9 - PSYCHOLOGY AS A SOCIAL...

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PSYCHOLOGY AS A SOCIAL SCIENCE Chapter Nine- Reading Notes Psychological test- standardized measure of a sample of a person’s behavior. They measure individual differences that exist among people in abilities, aptitudes, interests and aspects of personality Tests can be broken up into two major categories: mental ability and personality tests Mental ability tests: Intelligence tests- measure general mental ability, asses intellectual potential and not previous learning or accumulated knowledge Aptitude tests- asses specific types of mental abilities IE Differential aptitude tests assess verbal reasoning, numerical ability…. Achievement tests- gauge a persons mastery/knowledge of various subjects Personality Tests(scales)- measure various aspects of personality, including motives, interests, values and attitudes Personality and mental ability tests are standardized measures of behavior Standardization- uniform procedures used in the administration and scoring of test Test Norms- result of standardization, provide information about where a score on a psych test ranks in relation to other scores on that test. Help you to understand what your score means. PSYCH IS RELATIVE Percentile score- indicates the percentage of people who score at or below the score one has obtained The sample of people that the norms are based on is called the test’s standardization or norm group, generally large sample of people and need to updated periodically Reliability- measurement consistency of a test Test-retest checks reliability by comparing the results from a person’s taking of the same test two times Reliability estimates require computation of correlation coeff. (person’s two test scores must be correlated) Correlation Coeff- numerical index of the degree of relationship between two variables Closer correlation is to +1.00 the more reliable the test Validity- ability of a test to measure what it was designed to measure Content Validity- degree to which the content of a test is representative of the domain it’s supposed to cover. Evaluated more with logic, not stats Criterion-related validity- estimated by correlating subjects’ scores on a test with their scores on an independent criterion (another measure) of the trait assessed by the test IE measuring validity of a aptitude test for becoming an airline pilot by correlating it
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Psych Reading Notes Chapter 9 - PSYCHOLOGY AS A SOCIAL...

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