Psych Reading Notes Chapter 16

Psych Reading Notes Chapter 16 - PSYCHOLOGY AS A SOCIAL...

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PSYCHOLOGY AS A SOCIAL SCIENCE Chapter Sixteen- Reading Notes Social psychology – concerned with the way individuals’ thoughts, feelings and behaviors are influenced by others Social psych focuses on six broad topics 1. person perception 2. attribution processes 3. interpersonal attraction 4. attitudes 5. conformity and obedience 6. behavior in groups Person perception – process of forming impressions of others People associate desirable personality traits with people who are good looking For attorneys found that attractiveness boosted their salary by 10-12% People can guess a person’s sexuality with reasonable accuracy based on 10 seconds of a videotape Schemas – cognitive structures that guide informational processing Social schemas – organized clusters of ideas about categories of social events/people Schemas help people to efficiently store/process the tons of info they take in about other people in their interactions Stereotypes – widely held beliefs that people have certain characteristics because of their membership in a certain group Stereotypes save cognitive energy by simplifying our social world Illusory correlation – people estimate that they have encountered more confirmations of association between social traits than they have actually seen. And underestimate numbers of disconfirmations: “I have never met an honest lawyer.” Spotlight effect – people tend to think the spot light shines more brightly on them then it actually does By evolution humans are programmed to immediately classify people as either members of an in-group or out-group Attributions – inferences that people draw about the causes of events, others’ behavior and their own behavior Internal Attribution – ascribe causes of behavior to personal dispositions, traits, abilities and feelings. External Attribution – ascribe causes of behavior to situational demands and
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Psych Reading Notes Chapter 16 - PSYCHOLOGY AS A SOCIAL...

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