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Stats 301 project 1 - Model Project Number 1B: Commitment...

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Model Project Number 1B: Commitment Study Relationship advice is one thing females love to give. The issue I chose for my study is on whether or not a woman would stay committed to the relationship/marriage after learning their significant other had cheated. This issue interested me because I have many girl friends that are in relationships and swear up and down that if their significant other would ever cheat they would end the relationship. It is possible that my friends are telling the truth but I wanted to see how many other females agreed with them. I was also interested in seeing if being married would make a difference in the female’s choice on whether or not she would end the relationship/marriage. I felt that I might have interesting results after performing this study. A lot of times women want to believe that they would end a relationship/marriage if their significant others would cheat but often when in the situation they do the opposite of what they say. Personally I know a lot of close friends who have stayed with boyfriends after they found out they had cheated. These friends said that the situation was complicated and it was hard to end it over a onetime mistake. Moreover, I was interested to see the results because I think that they will
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Stats 301 project 1 - Model Project Number 1B: Commitment...

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