2 - Myths about Herakles Athloi (Greek name for Labors,...

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Myths about Herakles Athloi (Greek name for Labors, similar to athlete) Parerga (parergon-singular) Various cities all wanted a piece of the Herakles myth Praxeis (praxis- singular) Means actions, but in terms of herakles, has a military connotation Dung and Birds 5th labor- Cleaning the Augeian Stables Herakles must clear the stables of a LOT of horse shit Will be paid for it Diverts a river to clean the shit away Augeian will not pay, Herakles will be back Eurystheus refuses to accept the labor Sixth labor- Stymphalian birds Birds are pests, large quantity of them, sometimes attack people Herakles charged with removing the birds Athena gives him bronze castanets (cymbols) Uses cymbols to scare birds away // Use of noise to scare something away Alt: use of slingshot to shoot birds Last labor in the Peloponnesus The South and the North 7th labor-Cretan Bull; Bull of Minos, but Pasiphae was fond of it Bull released, goes to Marathon, later labor of Theseus, Athenian hero Minos is a son of Europa and the bull Brothers and Minos all want to be king of Crete Prays to Posidon to be Great Send a bull from the sea, and Minos will sacrifice it Bull lays at his feet Minos sacrifices a different bull Bull is beautiful Posidon punishes him by making his wife attracted to it Bull running around Crete, Herakles captures it to bring it to Eurystheus Bull runs to Marathon and causes havoc Theseus kills it eventually 8th labor- Man eating horses of Diomedes
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2 - Myths about Herakles Athloi (Greek name for Labors,...

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