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ABC Reshapes the Evening News for the Web By BRIAN STELTER Published: October 12, 2007 © 2007 The New York Times, Inc. Huddled with a producer in an editing suite on a recent Friday afternoon, the ABC News correspondent Bill Blakemore enthusiastically helped put the finishing touches on a video account of his recent trip to Greenland to see the effects of global warming . Julia Bain, an associate producer for “World News,” ABC’s afternoon Webcast that is the online version of the network’s evening newscast, meant to appeal to a younger audience. The segment did not look like a normal network news report: It showed Mr. Blakemore riding a sled across Greenland’s ice sheet and casually addressing the camera while wearing a black North Face parka and sunglasses. But Mr. Blakemore’s video diary, the first of three documenting his trip, was not being produced for “World News With Charles Gibson” — rather, it was aimed at the network’s afternoon Webcast, which is simply called “World News.” Executives at the broadcast networks know they have opportunities online that they do not have on television — namely, to take chances by testing new forms of news delivery and new types of storytelling. They are also mindful that making their content relevant online is a good way to attract the younger audiences who are less likely to tune in to the evening news on television. But ABC is the only major broadcast network that is using the staff of its evening newscast to produce a separate and distinct daily program for a Web audience. The 15- minute Webcast often features Mr. Gibson in the anchor chair, but the similarities end there: the segments can run long, and they purposely look raw and personal, as if they
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ABC_Reshapes_the_Evening_News_for_the_Web - ABC Reshapes...

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