Praxeis of Herakles

Praxeis of Herakles - 3/12 Praxeis(Military actions of...

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3/12 Praxeis (Military actions of Herakles) Troy (Known as Ilion in the ancient world) Herakles returns because he was not given his horses Telamon (Achilles uncle) and the altar of Herakles the Victor First man to breech the walls and get through into Troy is Telamon This is a GREAT thing in ancient history Herakles looks at Telamon with fire in his eyes for being first inside Asks Telamon what he is doing. .. Telamon is building a temple for Herakles Pylos- The wounding of Hades Hades is injured during this seige Augeias in Elis The guy who had the stalls filled with shit, Herakles says he will return Herakles lays seige to Elis, and Augeias is killed Oichalia; beats king Eurytos and sons at archery Herakles the exogamic suitor, seeks Eurytos' daughter Herakles beats Eurytos (his archer mentor) in archery Eurytos denies Herakles his daughter Herakles stays nearby Iphitos is a son of Eurytos Messenger between Eurytos and Herakles Sides with Herakles Autolykus stole Eurytos' cattle, Herakles blamed Herakles takes blame from Eurytos Iphitos warns Herakles that Eurytos will kill him Herakles goes crazy and kills Iphitos More blood guilt Kills guest who is on his side gg herakles. Second visit to Delphi
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Praxeis of Herakles - 3/12 Praxeis(Military actions of...

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