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mitosisLab - "Mitosis BME 112 Report prepared by Lab Group...

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“Mitosis” BME 112 Report prepared by: Lab Group:
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Analysis of Results, Activity A: Observing Mitosis 1. Because plant and animal cells undergo very similar processes during mitosis, it is clear that mitosis is necessary for multicellular organisms to exist. Mitosis most likely originated in some early life form that later diversified due to evolution. If this is true all multicellular organisms evolved from the same life form. 2. One way mitosis differs between plant and animal cells is during telophase. At this phase the cell begins to divide into two daughter cells. In plants, a cell plate forms in preparation for cytokinesis. The cell plate divides the cell and allows for the cell wall to be constructed. Plant cells lack centrioles. This is another way in which plant and animal cells differ. The centrioles in animal cells connect the kinetochore microtubules and move to opposite poles of the cells to aid in separating chromosomes during anaphase. 3. a. The nuclear envelope breaks down during prophase. It reforms during telophase after the chromosomes have come together again at a unified location.
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