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Poli sci article

Poli sci article - used to be compared to how it is now...

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Andy Wells Political Science March 4, 2008 News Article: The Crashing of the Dow Jones The article that I chose to right about is about the stock market. On Tuesday morning the Dow sharply fell and scared many investors and stockbrokers. The companies that caused the most panic were Intel and Citigroup. They fell the most for the big 30 companies in the Dow and matched all time lows. Although many banks are losing money due to the rate of mortgage foreclosure, when questioned, a U.S. senator said that the banks are fully prepared for a recession and there’s nothing to worry about. Although Citigroup and Intel carried losses for the day they ended bouncing back a little, but some are still spooked at how low their stocks got. Throughout the article it gave many numbers that showed what the stock market
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Unformatted text preview: used to be compared to how it is now. Although the economy used to be a lot better, many other foreign countries are experiencing lower then average number in each of there own economic make up. It’s a little surprising that the United States has become such a big superpower in the world, when were doing bad economical wise, so is the rest of the world. A recession is in the midst, or so they say. The debate of recession is being talked about everyday. Some people would say were in one right now and others don’t feel than way. With a recession, no doubt it will be tough, but how long will it take for us to get out of a recession and how long are recessions until a depression is among us....
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