Homeric Hymns - 2/18 Homeric Hymns (Basic Themes)...

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2/18 Homeric Hymns (Basic Themes) Pan-Hellenism (national identity) Role of Zeus and the Olympian order Aetiology; arrival of the god; epiphany Based on certain rituals and gods Ritual: A god actually came and present the ritual "Epiphany" - Manifestation of God to Humans Acquisition of honors to timai of the deity Forcing of Humans by Gods to honor them Threat of feminine power to the Olympian order Hymn to Apollo Homeric, but not written by Homer; rhapsodes Thought and composed rather than told on the spot Poetry by performance Memorized and performed as ritual to the gods A blind poet from Chios (Page 181, Line 175+ -) Notion that a blind man has special sight Cannot see physical reality, but rather hidden reality Date (680-550 BCE); one hymn or two? Delian and Pythian Aetiologies; arrival at cult sites, epiphanies; relation to epithets "Epithets" - descriptive phrases/words put onto a hero or god Delos, Mt. Helicon, Delphi Receive an epithet at each place Structure of the Hymn Arrival at Olympus/Introduction (1-29) (p. 178)
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Homeric Hymns - 2/18 Homeric Hymns (Basic Themes)...

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