Euripides - Dionisis - 2/29 Euripides Dionisis -...

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2/29 Euripides Dionisis - Drunkeness/ Wine Tragedy Tragedy means “Goat Song”- Song for a goat sacrifice or sung by satyrs Satyr is half man, half goat Dionisis likes goats to be sacrificed because they eat all the grapes Dithyramb- chorus and chorus leader Song sung in honor of dionisis City Dionysia- 3 tragedies and a satyr play by 3 tragedians Major drunken party in Athens Dress up as Satyrs and carry giant penises Giant penis statues Get everyone into the spirit of dionisis Perform three plays, not necessarily a trillogy Three tragedies on three different myths Bonus play, a comical play with satyrs Cyclops Judges would judge the plays Aeschylus (525-456) Oldest playwright First play around 499 Have about 7 left, prometheus bound is one of them Conservative tone, very patriotic to athens and the gods prometheus bound is an exception to that Sophocles (496-406) Most popular playwright 6 or 7 plays remaining Euripides (480-406) 6 plays, seen as the last generation of playwrights Most radical playwright
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Euripides - Dionisis - 2/29 Euripides Dionisis -...

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