Perseus, Monster Killer

Perseus, Monster Killer - Anyone who sees her turns to...

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3/5 Perseus, the monster killer Danae (mother of perseus) locked away by Acrisios (grandfather) Locked away to keep her from getting pregnant Golden shower of Zeus Impregnated Danae Danae and Perseus placed in a chest Thrown into Ocean to die Dictys to the rescue Polydectes, his bad brother, throws a party Expects guests to bring him a gift Perseus given a test to retrieve the Gorgon's head Help from Hermes and Athena The three Graiai (Graeae); Single tooth and eye between the three Terrible crones who know everything Cant speak without the tooth, cant see without the eye Perseus takes the tooth and eye Must visit them before getting gear/equipment from the Nymphs Perseus holds tooth and eye captive until his terms are met Gear- sandals, wallet, cap of Hades Gorgon/Medusa Theogony 275: Ocean, Night’s Frontier, Hesperides West and death; katabasis? West = Death, sun sets in the West Gorgon/Medusa and Poseidon Poseidon rapes Medusa in Athena's Temple Athena punishes Medusa by turning her into a monster Gorgon, with hair of snakes replacing her beautiful locks
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Unformatted text preview: Anyone who sees her turns to stone Athena’s Aegis Shield/Brestplate with the gorgon's head Aetiology: Why is Libya full of snakes? Blood of Gorgon's head dripping into the sand Perseus the Exogamic Suitor Perseus in Aethiopia Common term for 'black africa' Andromeda as a sacrifice Sacrifice to a sea monster from Poseidon Perseus saves her Andromeda becomes girlfriend Honors Kingdoms-Argos, Tiryns Accidental killing of grandpa Acrisios Perseus returns to Greece Introduces himself to his grandfather Discus match, discus flies into grandfather and kills him Oedipus, King of Theives Kills father and the sphinx Slept with his mother, accidentally Herakles/Hercules Kills his own kids Monster-killer and society Doesnt fit in well with the community No "happy family life" Monster-killing (Dionysus and Perseus) Threatened birth Birth concealed but celebrated Travel Gear Killing the monster often serpentine Aetiology Honors...
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Perseus, Monster Killer - Anyone who sees her turns to...

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