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Monsters 12 Titans (Pre-Olympian time, ruled world) Giants (Born of Earth, strong and proud - Try to take olympus) Typhon/Typhoios (Serpent, removes Zeus' tendons, serious threat to olympians) Argus (100 eyes, guards Io, his eyes are put on peacock's tail feathers) Medusa (Sight of whom turned viewer to stone, snake hair) Sphinx (Half woman, Half Lion (?)) Slayers Odysseus Zeus (Slays Typhon) Hundred Handers, helped defeat the titans
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Unformatted text preview: Cyclopses, gave Zeus lightning bolts Perseus (Slays Medusa, the gorgon) Athena (Slays Pallas the Giant, wears his skin) Heracules (Helps Olympians to slay Giants, kills own children) Hermes (Slays Argus) Oedipus (Kills Sphinx) Monster-killing (Dionysus and Perseus) Threatened birth Birth concealed but celebrated Travel Gear Killing the monster often serpentine Aetiology Honors...
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