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True Story - Red Hot Weezer Vegas

True Story - Red Hot Weezer Vegas - Sam Asaki T AR 100 H...

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Sam Asaki T AR 100 H True Story 1-30-07 O.K., so me and my friend Neely, we scored these awesome free tickets to the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Weezer concert in Las Vegas. So, we get there early. We're in the first section, just 5,000 people, and then there's 45,000 people behind us. And its really freaking hot there, so, you know, everyone's: shirts off, sweating everywhere, security guards pouring water into the crowd and everyone fighting over the water and finally after hours in the heat trying to stay hydrated, Weezer plays. Its awesome and then we, y'know, get a break and we start to feel it; got all that water, now we gotta pee. So we try and go to the bathrooms, but the closest bathrooms are the VIP bathrooms, and we aren't allowed to go to them. So, the only other option is to go to the regular bathrooms through the crowd of 45,000 other people and that wasn't happening or we'd never make it back before Red Hot played. So, I spotted one of the large two gallon Arrowhead
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