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Laboratory 8 Steels: Tailoring Properties Through Heat Treatment Goal: To tailor the mechanical properties of plain carbon steels through proper thermal processing (i.e., “heat treatment”) such as slow cooling in air, water quenching, and tempering. Learning Objectives: 1. Use the numerical classification system of steels (e.g., 1018). 2. Describe the range of mechanical properties such as hardness (strength) that can be exhibited by steels. 3. List the different phases that occur in steels using the Fe-C phase diagram and describe each phase. 4. List the eutectoid reaction that takes place in the Fe-C system. 5. Use isothermal transformation (IT) diagrams and phase diagrams to predict the microstructures that result from the transformation of austenite by quenching or slow cooling steels. 6. Discuss how martensite and tempered martensite are formed. 7. Measure the relative strengths of plain carbon steels based on the carbon content and cooling rate. This is a challenging lab. What follows in the write-up will make the most sense if you read it slowly . Taking a few notes would be a good idea. If you simply “breeze” through the write-up, it has the possibility of making virtually no sense. Taking your time will pay off in a meaningful lab i Caution! MatE 215 Lab 8: Heat Treatment of Steels (Spring 07) Page 1 of 18
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