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It is okay for me to send you grades over email

It is okay for me to send you grades over email - It is...

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It is okay for me to send you grades over email. “INVD 102-092 Gillespie Week #4, Mitsunobu Matsuzaki” 1: What is a disciplined working class? Identity and describe in depth in your own words two forms of indirect resistance and two forms of direct resistance. 2: Apply the economics of capitalism with the interaction of the five items listed in the book to the Kazakh economy as explained in the movie. 3: Why do anthropologists use the concept of the black box with regard to capitalism? Explain this concept in your own words. 4: What is meant by the concept of fetishism? How is this applied to money? 5: Historically, how has the pool of factory laborers been created? Use one ethnographic example (from a specific culture) to show that you understand how this concept works. 1: A disciplined working class means people who obey their companies implicitly and do not complain about their wage or labor conditions even if they are worse than other companies’ contract terms. Two forms of indirect resistance are to steal company’s property as machine parts and to resister as a labor union member. First, purloining company’s possessions is loss to the company, it decreases company’s assets. Consequently, it connects with what worker resists indirectly. Second, registering as a labor union member connects with
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