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inDV102-092 #10 It is okay for me to send you grades over email. Mitsunobu Matsuzaki 1: What global processes contribute to poverty? Why have the optimistic projections that the impoverished countries of Africa, Asia, and Latin America would follow paths to economic development, made at the end of World War II, not been fulfilled? 2: Give three examples from the film, “edge of America” that are examples of racism. Is it racism when people speak from ignorance and do not intend to offend others? Support your position with evidence. 3: What is the difference between Malthusian theory and intergenerational wealth flows theory? What is demographic transition theory? Be specific and demonstrate that you understand these concepts. 4: why do the people of Niger want to have more children? What did Annika (TA who spoke in class) learn about famine from her work in Niger? 5: What role do you play—as the person you are right now? With regard to one of the issues raised in chapter 6, i.e., hunger, poverty, or economic development? Take one of these three topics and write half a page about how origin, economic class into which you were born, and “race”/ ethnicity and how these affect you. 1: I think integrating the entire world in the market and the trade, namely, open market and free trade, contributes to poverty. It is a disadvantage for the developing countries because the developed countries have an advanced technology. Because of this, they build factories in the developing countries, and profit a lot on account of getting a low- priced disciplined workforce. However, as many people work in an assembly line, they cannot acquire the difficult skills; as a result, they do not know how to produce a car. When the business is bad for the companies, it is easy for them to lay off the employees there since the labor unions are not strong. According to the articles “Globalization” in New York Times, Maquiladora, which is a factory in Mexico run by a foreign company, is a good example. When the economy of the U.S. is slowing down, many U.S. companies quickly move their factories to one of the developing countries to get more low-priced workforce. Moreover, the organizations such as WTO and IMF controlling globalization support the developed countries because if the economy of a country of
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them, especially America, collapses, almost all of the countries’ economy also influence it. As a result, a worldwide depression happens. After World War II, the economy of many Europe countries was weakened because Europe turned into battlefields. At that time, many countries in Africa, Asia, and South America were colonized by them, and they made use of their colonies to recover their countries’ economy. As a result, Europe countries destroyed their colonies’ environment to get natural resources such as mineral and leave their colonies’ economy till later. In addition, as the countries colonized did not have enough money to build their infrastructure, and they did not have advanced skills, they could not develop their
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inDV102 - inDV102-092#10 It is okay for me to send you...

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