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DO THIS TODAY!!! This is an example of a question (based ONLY on the material learned through chapter 2) that you might find on the exam if I were to test you on the material through chapter 2 only. It is longer than a quiz, but less involved than the questions related to this material that appears on the first test (which will involve chapter 3 material related to the algorithm). If you wish to succeed on exam one , print this question and sit down quietly and prepare the answer AS THOUGH YOU WERE IN AN ACTUAL TESTING SITUATION . To do otherwise is simply a waste of your (and mine too) time. Do not look at this problem as ‘something to study” for the exam. Look at this problem as a ‘simulation’ of a test situation. Experience is a great tool for success. IF YOU HAVE PREPARED FOR, ATTENDED, AND PAID ATTENTION TO THE FIVE CLASSES SO FAR THIS SEMESTER, YOU SHOULD HAVE VERY LITTLE DIFFICULTY WITH THIS PROBLEM. IF YOU ARE ‘LOST’ THEN YOU WILL FIND THAT A MODIFICATION OF YOUR PREPARATION STRATEGY FOR THE FIRST EXAM SHOULD BE MADE RIGHT AWAY!
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