Franklin 520 Syllabus

Franklin 520 Syllabus - CSC 520 - Graduate Computer...

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CSC 520 - Graduate Computer Architecture Fall 2006 Professor Diana Franklin Office Hours M 12-1, T 3:30-4:30 (AIM), W 9-10, R 3-4 (AIM), F 2-3 Course Objectives: 1. To understand and apply the principles of computer organization, architecture and hardware. 2. To understand how architectural design decisions affect program performance. 3. To learn the research process 4. To learn ptlsim, a cycle-by-cycle architectural simulator Prerequisites: CPE 315 is required. Undergraduates must obtain professor permission. You must have gotten a B or better in 315. Optional Texts: Patterson and Hennessy, Computer Architecture - A Quantitative Approach (3rd or 4th edition) , Morgan Kaufmann, 2002 Subjects covered - these may be adjusted based on student interest: instruction-level parallelism & pipelining, branch prediction, dynamic scheduling, VLIW, new architectures, advanced caching, simultaneous multi-threading, chip multi-processors, low power architectures, security, reliability, network configurations, cache coherence
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Franklin 520 Syllabus - CSC 520 - Graduate Computer...

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