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Franklin 103 Syllabus

Franklin 103 Syllabus - CSC/CPE 103 Spring 2007 9-11 11-1...

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CSC/CPE 103, Spring 2007, 9-11, 11-1 Professor Diana Franklin Office Hours M 3-4, W 2-4, R 12-1 (AIM), F 2-3 Course Objectives 1. To learn how to analyze the computational runtime of algorithms 2. To learn how several data structures work, how to implement them, what their space requirements are, and what their computational requirements are. 3. To learn and analyze the runtime for several sorting algorithms. 4. To produce fast, efficient programs through the use of appropriate data structures and algorithms. Prerequisites: CSC/CPE 141 and CSC/CPE 102. Required Texts: Weiss, Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis Plagiarism Cooperative work is an important part of learning; you are encouraged to study together, discuss the lectures, laboratory concepts and high-level issues. But DO NOT, turn in duplicate work (even one line or code or comment) copy work (even one line) from another student's assignment or file. copy work (even one line) from a published source without credit.
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